Crafts Council of Ballarat Inc.


Amanda Fewell - 'Weaving Wonder'

Amanda Fewell
Amanda delights in woven items, from cushions to shawls and even little needlecases.

Anita Livings

Anita Livings
These delightful beaded necklaces and earrings are created by Anita, and proving to be very popular. 

Ann Di - 'Embroiderer Extraordinaire'  

Ann Dimmer
Embroidery, both new and old feature in Ann's work. She recycles old doyleys, embellishes and reworks them into new works of art, creating pincushions, bags and needlecases, and also creates uniquely different cards.

Chris Grant

Chris Grant
Chris is a woman of many talents, she creates felted hats, scarves, brooches and jewellery.

David Henderson

David Henderson
Woodworker David makes beautiful walking sticks, and very interesting hiking sticks, along with innovative vases and candlesticks. He is also an author, producing several booklets of life during the Gold Rush period. 

Dawn Harrington - 'Scarf and Bag Queen'

Dawn Harrington
Dawn just loves to knit using a variety of yarns to create colourful scarves and wraps. She also fulfils her love of bags by creating a wide variety of shapes and designs to delight, including whimsical handbag doorstoppers. 

Elizabeth Cocks

Liz Cocks
Crochet, knitted and felt toys are among some of the things Elizabeth creates.  She also has a line of brooches of various designs, including beading. Her wonderful fuzzy tea cosies will keep your tea warm.

Frank Thomas

Frank Thomas
Specializing in salt and pepper mills, Frank will often branch out into wonderful turned bowls, and lately has been producing very quirky fish themed trivots, he is also known to produce the odd cheese platter.  

Judy Rook

Judy Rook
Judy is a very creative artist, producing interesting, fantasy collages, quirky lovely lady sculptures, paints and embellishes colourful Tshirts.  She also does the most intricate embroidery to produce small wall hangings. 

June Waterhouse

June brings her considerable talents to the creation of beautiful recycled jewellery, glasses cases, fabric button items, felted teacup pincushions, embellished bags, and the most delightful selection of  'one-off' dolls. 

Keith - 'The Peripatetic Pedlar'

Keith Andrews
Keith makes leather earrings, cuffs and bracelets, as well as chain maille earrings.

Lara Russell Logo for Lara Russell website

Lara Russell
These most beautiful Japanese paper items are made by Lara using her eye for detail to create beautifully unique gifts.  Lara is also working up many lines of DYI kits for you to make your own pieces. 

Marion - 'Our Seamstressing Wonder'

Childrens hats, crochet beanies, unique hand towels, very quirky door stops, and a selection of lavender bags are created by Marion to a very high standard

Michelle Benda

Michelle Benda
Michelle makes a variety of animals from wool and other materials, then decorating them with beautiful embroidery. Michelle also embroiderers lovely baby blankets, and is now creating exquisite tiny leather slippers for babies.

Peter Macdonald

This very talented artist creates beautiful images of wildlife that would look stunning in any home, and unique gift cards. Peter will also paint your very own pet portraits.

Rob - 'Warts n' All'  

Robert Dimmer
Upcycled timber stuff made by grandad Rob. Can be made to order.

Shirley Gourlay

Artist Shirley brings her beautiful art to the Cottage in the form of paintings, prints and cards

Sue - 'Indigo Bee'

Sue Edmondson
Sue's jewellery includes torch fired enamelled copper and unique pieces with semi-precious stones, pearls and sterling silver.

Velma Lee

Velma Lee
Delightful Origami gift boxes, tiny fairies and funky bedsocks are Velma's forte. 

Wendy Ferguson

Wendy Ferguson
Denim bags, denim bottle holders, and denim note books are all the go with Wendy. She is now including dilly bags made from beautiful Japanese fabric too.

'Wool Wonder'

Terri Nelson
All of these creations come straight from the sheep's back to you, after being wool washed, carded, spun and finally knitted. 

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